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  • David Horowitz at NCSC

    Campus Liberals are at it again—this time at University of California, Santa Barbara.

    The Associated Students Finance Board at UCSB has denied a conservative club campus funding for security for author David Horowitz citing that Mr. Horowitz was“controversial” and that approving funding would be “an inappropriate use of student funds.”

    Ahmed Naguib, a member of the Finance Board and the Muslim Students Association (MSA), said that “I agree that people have the right to freedom of speech, but I don’t believe he has that right if it’s threatening students’ safety. He made several racist remarks about Arabs and accused people of terrorism last time he visited.” (Full article about the decision can be read here.)

    Conservative activist and club vice president Matt Borasi emailed the following statement when asked about the Associated Students Finance Board’s decision:

            “Associated Student's Finance Board decided not to approve the funding request for security due to the fact that Horowitz is a controversial speaker. Members of the MSA (Muslim Students Association) are voting members on the board and based their decision on the feeling that Horowitz's remarks about the MSA offended many in the student-run organization and made others feel threatened in a prior speaking engagement at UCSB. This argument has little ground considering the Horowitz has never made a personal threat or directed harmful threats towards MSA, but rather the opposite and exposed many of the hidden truths about the organization. 

    We are taking the Finance's Board's decision to the Associated Student Legislative Council with the request that they overrule the Finance's Board's decision. We are reaching out to other organizations to gather support against this biased ruling. We still plan to bring David Horowitz to speak at UCSB later this month. It was, and still is the intention of our club not to avoid the Associated Student Government, but rather give them an opportunity to overcome reputation of being politically left by helping us bring a conservative speaker to campus. This ruling by the Finance Board just reaffirms their reputation to block attempts to provide alternate perspectives to the community and students on campus, who are and continue to be proselytized by the liberal pronouncements in the classroom and on campus."

    During his last appearance at UCSB in May of 2008, Horowitz addressed a capacity crowd discussing the threat of radical Islam and challenged the MSA to denounce Hamas and Hezbollah as terrorist organizations—they did not.

    In 2010, when the conservative club brought Karl Rove to campus, questions also arose about the“controversial” nature of the speaker. Financial demands were made by the school for security. Eventually a compromise was met but the event was delayed for months. 

    Will the Associated Student Legislative Council overrule the Finance Board or will they uphold their admittedly anti-free speech decision? Stay tuned.








    • Readers' Comments

    • He is extremely racist individual and I don't blame the MSA for feeling uncomfortable around him and his negative comments. It is still freedom of speech in that he is still coming to speak, they just declined to pay for his security. He is an extreme conservative, and while there is nothing wrong in that, if he makes people feel like they are not safe around him, then there is no reason that AS should support a man who makes students feel unsafe about who they are or their religion.
      Posted by Sarah Johnson on 05/04/2011
    • Horowitz has never threatened the safety of a UCSB student, and I'd like to see what remarks he made that were "racist." As far as I know, radical Islam is not a race. The accusations being made against Horowitz are baseless, and the finance board member who sank the funding request for his speaking event (and the Daily Nexus who reported on it) never proved his claims that Horowitz likened Muslims to Nazis (he didn't). This is all about silencing free speech that Leftists on finance board do not agree with and cannot refute.
      Posted by Marty Geoffman on 05/04/2011
    • As a UCSB alum, I am appalled. How can the Finance Board cave in so baldly to these specious arguments to squelch and chill the serious presentation of important ideas? Where is the evenhandedness in allowing all sides of big, current issues to be aired and discussed? Why are Mr. Horowitz and the students who are inviting him being penalized because of the threat of others to disrupt the lecture? Why are the victims being blamed here, and why is the university not supporting and encouraging the free, respectful exchange of ideas? Those who would disrupt the proposed lecture should be responsible for answering to the anticipated cost of security, not Mr. Horowitz. As far as those claiming to be offended by ideas they disagree with, and who don't "feel safe" when such issues are being addressed, all they need do is not attend, or perhaps even sponsor their own alternative lecturers. It would certainly behoove them to flex their academic muscles (instead of their bullying ones), polish up their analytical and presentation skills, and gather some decent arguments offered respectfully for a good debate. Mr. Horowitz is a serious scholar, no racist and no threat to anyone. Let him speak! UCSB: don't give in to the bullies. It will only encourage such behavior all the more.
      Posted by Zabrina on 05/05/2011
    • Sarah, I'm offended and uncomfortable by the leftist professors and leftist speakers that speak at your school. They are extreme and they make me nervous. Does that qualify them not to speak or receive funding at your university, just because people are uncomfortable with them? Chris
      Posted by Chris on 05/05/2011
    • Sarah, will you denounce Hamas?
      Posted by Chris on 05/05/2011
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