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  • GPA Redistribution Video Contest

    3/25/2011 11:03:48 AM Posted by Cheri Cerame

    Winner receives free tuition to Young America’s Foundation’s 2012 National Conservative Student Conference —a $2,000 value! 

    Challenge your campus Left with a petition to “redistribute” their personal grade point averages!

    DEADLINE APRIL 20, 2012

    Your liberal classmates believe it is moral to confiscate money from hard-working Americans and entrepreneurs and give it to those who didn’t earn it, yet what will they say when you ask them to apply that same philosophy to their grade point averages? 

    Young America’s Foundation invites you to film your fellow students’ reactions when you ask them to pledge their support to grant your school’s administration the power to redistribute grade point averages to those who are not high academic achievers 

    We have a created a “petition” for your group to use on tax day, April 15, to educate your peers about the immorality of socialism.

    *Film students’ reactions while you ask them if they would voluntarily redistribute their grade points to a failing student and turn their A to a B or B to a C in the name of  “fairness.” The hypocrisy is obvious. Liberals embrace socialist policies when their own property is unaffected, but when socialism affects them personally, watch them become advocates of free enterprise instantaneously!

    *Video entries cannot include the word or words Democrat(s), Republican(s), vote, elect, election, campaign or reference anything political in nature. 

    Go ahead, watch what happens when you ask them to “spread their grades around” to lower performing students.

    The video deadline is April 18, but entries must be submitted to Young America's Foundation by April 20. Please email the video link to Patrick Coyle.

    The creator(s) (limit of up to three students) of the best video will win FREE tuition to Young America’s Foundation’s 2012 National Conservative Student Conference in Washington, DC, July 30 to August 4, 2012.

    2011 GPA Video Contest Winner

    UC-Merced student Oliver Darcy appeared on Fox News' Fox and Friends  to discuss his winning YouTube video entry in Young America's Foundation's "GPA Redistribution Video Contest."

    For winning the contest, he won free tuition to Young America’s Foundation’s 2011 National Conservative Student Conference. He's also attended the Reagan Ranch Activism Seminar and the West Coast Leadership Conference at YAF's Reagan Ranch Center in Santa Barbara, California.  

    Here's his Fox News appearance:


    • Readers' Comments

    • You all are making the logical fallacy that both wealth and grades are created entirely by the individuals that receive them. This is false simply because of the fact that grades, for the most part, are not dependent on other grades, whereas the amount of wealth I can earn is dependent upon a number of factors. Let's break this down one step at a time: 1. If I am enrolled in a class and study on my own for a test, not only can I receive an "A" on that test, but so too can my fellow students who study and put in the same amount of effort. My "A" does not diminish their potential "A," nor does my effort to receive that grade diminish the ability of my fellow students to make similar or greater efforts. Now, of course, that is the ideal, and, there are other potential factors involved that could potentially lead to that - Such as a wealthy students ability to study more because they do not have to work a job outside of class. But, of course, that is not the issue you are addressing because you're conservatives. You're not concerned about equal opportunity - simply the idea that those with wealth should not be "forced" to give to those without - which is premised on the notion that all individuals, regardless of station or circumstances at birth (for instance, Prince William vs. a poor black child born in Harlem) are, upon adulthood, entirely responsible for the wealth they do or do not have) 3. Wealth, on the other hand, is directly tied to collective effort. If I own a shoemaking factory, I cannot possibly make enough shoes on my own (let along extract the resources, build the factory, etc.) to create much wealth for myself. I would have to hire employees. The more employees I hire, the more the output, the more profit and wealth. Simultaneously, the more I depress wages, the more I cut benefits, the more profits and wealth I make for myself, despite the fact that as an owner I don't make a single shoe - the employees I hire do. Taxes, and by commission, through imperfect means, recognize that collective effort creates wealth, and that those who have more wealth, have, through various processes (whether knowingly or not, whether legally or not), siphoned off that wealth from the collective effort and redirected it to their personal accounts. When a student receives an "A", they are not taking an "A" away from another student. When a CEO gives himself a $1 million in bonus, it is often a direct result of cutting wages and benefits for employees, or laying them off wholesale.
      Posted by Simon on 04/13/2011
    • Simon, In your analysis, it would be better to never start the shoe factory and employ (enslave) all of those people in the first place. Everyone would, what, be better off without a fair paying job without opportunities to advance in the factory for higher wages? What is the purpose of working hard to get a high GPA? For most students, it's to get a high paying job, right? When you get that job and it eventually pays you $250,000, because of your hard work, you'll then pay over 60% in taxes to pay for people who are mostly able to work but don't because of "free" government handouts. Therefore, you should be very happy to redistribute your high GPA because it's all evened out in the end anyway. Socialism=mediocrity and competition has no place in it. Yes, let's keep getting brainwashed by our progressive professors and continue to vote for more equality so that eventually everyone can live miserably without the opportunities capitalism provides us. One world order, global citizens, all equally enslaved by one world government...Brilliant, genius
      Posted by Jared on 04/17/2011
    • Hi Jared, I don't think I once in my post advocated for "one world order." Unless, of course, you equate taxes with, "one world order," which, from your post, I think you do. Let's entertain your argument for a second. Yes, let's say you do go to school, work really hard, graduate at the top of the class, and then get eventually work your way up to CEO of a shoemaking factory, and make oodles of money. Your basic analysis is that your hard work merits the amount of money you make. The fact that you went to school, worked really hard to get good grades, all that stuff, merits a pay of $250,000, or whatever amount you'd eventually like to make. My point is, are those metrics your using - good grades, four years of school, etc., necessarily the right ones to justify wages and salary? Assuming that shoe factory you now manage existed before you ever got hired - what about all the employees on the line working 40 hours a week for $10 an hour? (or much less, in the likely scenario that the jobs are offshore). Why does going to school and getting good grades justify large paychecks? Or, more to the point - why does working 40 hours a week for many years NOT justify larger paychecks? For me, it is ultimately because those on top (you, as the CEO) recognize that to pay workers more would mean less for you. If you're a nice CEO, you might be OK with making only $250,000 and making the production line more efficient so that workers can benefit more from the wealth they are producing. If you are not a nice CEO, then you will use your power as a top-down decision maker to increase production, depress wages and benefits, thereby increasing your bottom line. Taxes, and, as I've said, through imperfect means, rectify the present situation whereby wealth is concentrated upwards, even though all wealth is created through collective effort. Yes, you as CEO make important decisions for the shoemaking factory - but, you dont' make a single shoe yourself, nor did you come up with the concept of a shoe. Nor did you make the roads that allow for the safe delivery of your shoes. Nor did you create the broad legal systems that protect the contracts you sign with distributors and material providers. I could go on, but I hope you get the point: In order for you to make money in the first place, you must assume a society, and that society must be paid for (schools, police force, national defense, you name it). And it's paid for by taxes. Two side notes. You say that our system allows for freedom, because, in our hypothetical shoemaking factory, any line-worker can one-day become CEO and make oodles of money. Really? ANY line worker? Now, I suppose in your calculation you would say the hardest working one would deserve that. What if all the line workers are equally hard-working? There are certainly not enough CEO positions to go around. Usually, just a handful. Yet the wealth is created by the work of hundreds of line-workers. So, why not a factory where all the line workers, make, say $50,000/yr and the CEO's make $70,000/yr? What is wrong with that? Other note: it's astounding to me that any effort to calculate the social good as something other than maximum profit for the individual (and, in this case, the CEO - not the factory line worker) is met with such contempt. And, please note, I am not saying eliminate profit, I am simply saying that when folks like me get on this forum and say that we need to consider other things besides maximum profit, we are accused of wanting to create a dystopia where all are "enslaved by one world government" - as you put it. I don't think the two notions comport.
      Posted by Simon on 04/22/2011
    • If I open a shoe factory I did so with the help of not only my education but the investment of capitol. That capitol came from various people and banks. These stake holders did so with the promise of dividends or ROI. This investment depending on the number of shoes I make could be thousands or millions of dollars. So, I took the risk and put up the money and started a shoe business that could possibly fail if I made the wrong business decisions. I create a budget and employe workers at a fair marketable wage equal to what others are paying. Why should the employes deserve more? If I give employees opportunity within the organization to grow and succeed, which in turn equals a bigger salary, why isnt that enough? If I make millions then I did so because of the right business decisions I made while my business continued to grow. Why should I pay someone who made the decision to not work hard in school and get a GPA above 2.5 or even 3, more than someone who got a 4.0 GPA? Why should I pay someone who didnt go to college more than someone did go to college? I will say that profit sharing is built on results and this works but paying someone a high salary just because my business is successful isnt very smart and doesnt enable the person to forth effort. The redistribution of my wealth hurts people because those who benefit will not try to help themselves and keeps me from hiring people or expanding my business because my budget is based on profit margins.
      Posted by Chris on 07/23/2011
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