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  • Young America's Foundation's report on Washinton and Jefferson College's embracing of a condom-decorated Christmas tree has recieved more national news coverage.

    Check it out:


    Link: *Fox News Nation*

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    • Jennifer Hogan - My vote is for Jacqui and Raegan. This wedding was so fun and so batieuful. I wished I was back in Austin when their anniversary just passed. Thanks to Vanessa for amazing shots and for letting Jax's friends take pics too!February 16, 2010 10:37 pm
      Posted by Wattapoon on 09/18/2012
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      Posted by bvzluqbkte on 09/18/2012
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      Posted by igaandubsbe on 09/19/2012
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      Posted by blyjqrkus on 09/21/2012
    • Is Kori Morra a political ? The Harlingen city cosmismioner is often compared to Brownsville City Commissioner Melissa Mamasota Zamora. There is a similarity, said a former Brownsville Herald editor. Both have topsy-turvy personal lives that are scandalous in the opinions of Harlingen's Protestants and Brownsville's Catholic. They attempted to present themselves as the female alternative to the macho politics of the past, but in that storied South Texas tradition they have seemingly utilized their positions for self-aggrandizement. Morra is a realtor. She has access to inside information at the municipality that she can utilize for land deals. Zamora, a journalist, is unemployed, which puts her in both a susceptible and desperate frame of mind since she must feed two children. She has received and accepted offers as a public figure that she would never receive as a private person. Since Zamora is a product of the business, she understands the press, but Morra, a one-time political virgin, insists that she is beyond criticism and threatens legal retaliation against anyone who dares hold her accountable for her actions. Morra represents a Harlingen that is clinging to its past, said Estanislao Contreras, the controversial poet of Chicano . Songs. There is a trailer trash element that yearns for the days when the Texas Rangers could hunt Mexicans instead of jackrabbits and hang African-Americans from the nearest mesquite. She and Mayor Chris Bozo' Boswell represent the Harlingen Country Club elites who hide behind their walled community like the white residents of Johannesburg who see the rest of the world as a teeming Soweto. Most pundits call Harlingen the last bastion of racism in the Rio Grande Valley with a diminishing Anglo minority whose KKK sentiments find common ground with Morra and Boswell. It's an ugly, little town where paranoia reigns. El Rocinante has the Baker Boys working as a pair of dishwashers at a popular restaurant along Sunshine Strip in order to better access this sad city. As part of its expanding coverage of Cameron County, ER plants to monitor Harlingen on a regular basis.
      Posted by Dilip on 08/10/2013
    • Cut:1. all farm subsidies2. close 80% of usda <a href="">ofcfeis</a>3. sba <a href="">ofcfeis</a> and close dept4. military bases from 750 to 1505, do away with bbp. let military patrol the border At the same time, states with abundant energy resources cannot capitalize on current high prices, because a Democrat president, a Democrat Senate and the environmental activists of the nation have killed energy expansion with overregulation and prohibition. Horse poo poo. Those policies have been in place for years, Including the 8 Bush years. Try being truthful for once. And if the Republican controled house wants to address the issue, they may. I am sure the nation will listen to honest arguments that make the case and don't result in environmental mayhem so some can make a quick buck.
      Posted by Kazi on 08/11/2013
    • Does anyone have this coprurt bastard's phone number? I'd like to invite him into the New York Bar Association. We need him here, and don't care much about any "allegations" of wrong-doing. Hell, one of our Chief Judges, one Solomon (aka Sol) Wachler is a convicted felon, enjoyed a nice stint in prison and got his law license back. Screw McAllen Texas. I could have this guy singing I LOVE NEW YORK in no time !! [url=]ufkwwbpv[/url] [link=]epoaydfnmvu[/link]
      Posted by Lyka on 08/12/2013
    • Slam dunkin like Shaquille O'Neal, if he wrote <a href="">intaomrfive</a> articles.
      Posted by Ruvell on 08/14/2013
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      Posted by dbkjjyq on 09/19/2014
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      Posted by 6114 on 12/13/2014
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