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  • By: Spencer Brown

    Young Americans for Freedom and Young America's Foundation provide incredible resources for young conservatives on college campuses across the United States. Young Americans for Freedom chapters are sometimes the only safe havens for conservative students on exceedingly liberal campuses.

    Whether it be empowering members to share conservative principles and recruit like-minded students, or providing tools for outreach, YAF is a direct line from many liberal strongholds to the lifeblood of conservatism. YAF chapters are full of young, bright, and empowered students who use their chapters as a place to discuss current affairs in an environment safe from liberal persecution.

    But on conservative campuses where classes are taught by conservative professors and conservative discussions are allowed, if not encouraged, is a YAF chapter viable? My answer is a resounding yes. While the immediate need for a conservative group may not seem obvious, the need is still great.

    Conservative campuses, and the clubs within them, play a vital role in the conservative movement. The role is different than might be served on a liberal campus, but equally important.

    My chapter, at Regent University in Virginia Beach, Virginia (on YAF's list of Top Conservative Colleges) has become an example of what good can come from a YAF chapter on a strong conservative campus. While increasing membership used to be difficult due to the student body's lack of perceived need for a conservative group, we have worked to change the mission of Regent's chapter.

    Rather than challenging liberal leadership or working to inform students of liberal injustices, we empower our already informed students and strive to involve them in our community. In doing this, we are making a name for conservatives, and as Regent's motto states, we are "Christian Leaders to Change the World, even before we graduate.

    We work with University leadership, the student council, and different departments to provide opportunities for our members. We have matched students with internships in a variety of campaigns, as well as recruited speakers such as Kate Obenshain to discuss current affairs with students on a multitude of topics.

    Our chapter continues to grow as more members of my generation find their voices and their places in the conservative movement. We have members serving on the student council, and working to build a more conservative America. The fight is constant, and the competition stiff, but as in the past, conservatism will save the day.

    In the spirit of President Reagan, it remains vital that we as Young Americans for Freedom remain brave and hopeful, regardless of our college's atmosphere, and continue to work on our campuses to further conservative principles.


                "We believe faith and freedom must be our guiding stars, for they show us truth, they make us brave, give us hope, and leave us wiser than we were."

                            - Ronald Reagan, State of the Union Address, 1985


    Spencer Brown is a freshman at Regent University in Virginia Beach, VA, and the President of Regent's YAF chapter. In the past he interned for Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, worked on numerous campaigns in his native Minnesota. Contact:,,


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    • Great article, Spencer - also, we as Christians must remain brave and hopeful. Keep up the great work!
      Posted by Candi DeZeller on 01/31/2013
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