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  • BillyBoyAn article from The Daily, points out that former President Bill Clinton has received a whopping $76 million for private speaking engagements since he left office. Clinton, like other liberal speakers, takes in tons of dough, but continues to call for increased taxes from the rich.

    While Clinton runs a charitable organization, the real question is: why doesn’t he voluntarily give money to the IRS? If the rich should pay more in taxes, why not set the example?

    America is in economic decline, but Clinton is raking in millions. Does he still feel America’s pain?

    Read The Daily article here: THE DAILY


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    • Thrift shopping and wontnos? Ruh-roh! I'll be in PDX Sunday to Monday. If you're free we should meet up and go treasure hunting! Please tell me you bought that cat shirt
      Posted by Ariana on 08/05/2012
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      Posted by ermjlrux on 08/07/2012
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      Posted by atbhwez on 08/08/2012
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