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Some polls routinely suggest young people are becoming more socialist, buying into the importance of government redistributions of earnings and “success” of government programs, the welfare state, and subsidies.

Building off more than 50 years of experience in working with students, Young America’s Foundation is poised to counter this alarming trend.  Our polls show that young people are excited about entrepreneurship and freedom.  

Young America’s Foundation’s Center for Entrepreneurship & Free Enterprise seeks to reinvigorate the respect for free enterprise that so many around the world can only dream of by reaching young business leaders and budding entrepreneurs. 

The Center for Entrepreneurship & Free Enterprise includes a campus lecture series featuring notable speakers such as Steve Forbes, Stephen Moore, Dr. Walter Williams, and John Stossel, along with successful entrepreneurs.  the Center also hosts student seminars to train students to become champions of the free market in both our Santa Barbara and DC-metro locations. 

To host a speaker at your school, or to find out more about the Center, please contact Ms. Jiesi Zhao, director of the Center for Entrepreneurship & Free Enterprise at or at 1.800.USA.1776.

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