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  • How to Build (and Tear Down) Your Berlin Wall

    11/2/2011 3:34:08 PM Posted by Patrick Coyle

    UW-Eau ClaireFreedom Week is occurring this week and many college and high school groups have a full week of activities. One of the primary activities is for groups to tear down a mock Berlin Wall on November 9 at 4:30 eastern time to showcase how the socialist policies pushed by the Obama administration are creating a new wall between young people and freedom.

    Many students ask how they should build their wall. Justin Thompson, a conservative activist and recent graduate of the University of Massachusetts - Amherst explains how to build a Berlin Wall:


    • 12  4’x8’ sections of gypsum drywall. (~$100)
    • 8 2x4 x8’ boards. (~$50)
    • 4 2x4 x12’ boards (~$25)
    • Screws (~$10)
    • Spray paint, misc colors.  (~$25)
    • Misc, wood sizes- ranging from boards in length of one to two feet, and ply-wood/ composite. 
    • Safety goggles (x2) (~$10)
    • Hammers/ miscellaneous implements of destruction (~$20)
    • Total approx. Cost: $240.00 

    Step 1- build your frame which will consist of two sections. Feel free to make one section if you have limited funds/ supplies. Our conservative club made two and pieced them together into one large structure.  Note: Lay a large, blue tarp down at the beginning of the process, stretch it tight, and stake it to avoid bunching. The tarp will make clean up much easier.  

    Lay the 12’ sections of board horizontally and parallel to each other, separated by 8’ between them. Then place the 8’ boards on the outside, and two on the inside.

     Diagram Berlin Wall






    Step 2- screw all boards together at corners from outermost piece of wood.

    Step 3- lay sections of dry-wall over each 4x8 section of your frame and screw in along stud every 6”. Repeat for both sides.

    Step4- Repeat steps 1-3 for your second section (If you are doing two sections) and then lay them side by side.

    Step 4- Create a footing for each with miscellaneous wood. A piece of particle-board attached with a brace on each side should suffice.

    Step 5- Stand each individual section of the structure upright. It will be VERY heavy. You will need at least one person per 4x8 section to get it upright. Then secure both sections by butting a brace and footing between them as well as attaching them at the top with a piece of 2x4.

    Step 6- Paint!

    Step 8- encourage classmates/ fellow students to help destroy a symbol of communism and tyranny!!!

    Your wall should look like this: UMASS Berlin Wall


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    • Just happened to be oninle. Should have been advertised in the church bulletin. I am down in South Jersey with the Robbinsville church. Interested in health evangelism. Next time would be interested in training hosted in South Jersey.
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    • / Joshua 5:10-14 (with certain lireetibs taken) "Now when Joshua was near Jericho, he looked up and saw a man standing in front of him with a drawn sword in his hand. Joshua went up to him and asked, 'Are you [a conservative] or [a progressive]?' 'Neither', he replied So how am I to treat my (misguided) liberal brother in Christ? Am I not to love him and treat him gently, recognizing the unity in Christ we enjoy?Also, for the sake of consistency, if this school was being attacked for refusing to allow some liberal-issue club, we would be standing up for their right as a private, Christian school to decide for themselves what was appropriate and not. It sounds like this particular rejection was based on Christian principles, not politics. Let it be.
      Posted by Philip on 08/10/2013
    • Neo, is that you or your alter ego. There is only one choice on May 2nd, vote <a href="">covnsreative</a> or for the Bloc as any vote for lib/ndpp is a vote or the bloc. Justin tweeted today that if a minority <a href="">covnsreative</a> govt is elected yes the coalition will defeat it asap. Oh, and iggy trying to gain sympathy for the debate, he is nervous, his first debate, raspy voice. What a load of BS, didn't he debate Dion, you didn't get it done. And wasn't he a tv host years ago. His handlers and media darling will say he won, if he is still standing/sitting at the end.Questions are supposed to be from mailed in sent by viewers. Hope they don't take time to make a speech before finally asking a question, aka Terry and Roger.
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