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  • "The United States is not the problem in this equation. The American solider is not the problem in this equation. President Obama had no business issuing an apology in this equation." - Congresswoman Michele Bachmann

    Last Saturday, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann toured the Reagan Ranch and spoke to supporters at the Reagan Ranch Center in Santa Barbara, California. Here's a highlight from her speech titled, "Obama Administration's Arab Spring Turns Into Radical Islamic Winter":

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    • Well, this is developing into quite a dssiucsion, and more rational than one might expect!To all those who claim that the BNP is the only party that takes a stand on issues important to you: let's be realistic about this. The majority of people worried about Islamism are anti-racist, so we can only find common ground on an anti-racist platform. An anti-immigration party must make a special effort to dissociate itself from racism, otherwise it is stuck with a few percent of the vote. Nick Griffin does not seem the ideal person to make a stand against racism.To those who claim that the BNP is not socialist: can you mention a single area of the economy in which the BNP would reduce government interference? Because I can only think of areas where they would increase it. For me, socialism is a much more important issue than immigration. I have seen the material and cultural devastation brought by the socialist post-war consensus, and I do not think that there is much more damage that immigration can do to Britain. (Islamism is another issue.) But then, I don't vote in the UK, and I would never return to work there, so never mind about me.
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    • Water control is ulddrstaneabny not much of an issue to those of us living on the banks of the 3rd largest river in the world. However, most of the country isn't. Water policy has long ignored the needs of those humans trying to live downstream, as well as overall ecosystem health. Water management protocols in the west were defined by a seven year observation in what climatologists and geologists now know to be the wettest decade in 1,000 years. Hence the drying aquifers that assumed such a continuing bounty. It is time to budget resources.Big plans take time to enact, and need a strong push to get them going. Change from the traditional attitude based on ever-expanding resources will take discipline. Lacking such discipline now, we can hope that the next cycle of civilization does better.But I agree that extremists from all poles get too much of the public attention, and the tendency to simply average the extremes is a dangerous way to proceed. The curves of possible actions and ideas are highly skewed in several dimensions; the median is usually far from the mean or mode.
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