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    Congresswoman Michele Bachmann visited the Reagan Ranch and spoke to Foundation supporters at the Reagan Ranch Center last Saturday. Before her speech, Congresswoman Bachmann joined Mark Larson, radio host and member of the Reagan Ranch Board of Governors, to discuss the visit. Here's an excerpt:

    Congresswoman Bachmann: "I can't wait to be at the Reagan [Ranch] Center, and then I'll be at the Ranch later today. It'll be wonderful to be with all the people who are good stewards of retaining this important legacy to Ronald Reagan who changed the course of history for the better for all of us."

    Larson: “I know you've been plugged into Young America's Foundation...the organization that saved the Reagan Ranch for the generations to come, but you've been involved in Y-A-F, Young America's Foundation one way or another for a long time, haven't you?

    Congresswoman Bachmann: "I have. I believe in it, not just because it's about preserving an important historical American landmark and a very important part of our nation's history. Really, Young America's Foundation at its heart is about preserving the ideas, the legacy that Ronald Reagan gave this nation, and specifically, with the goal of helping young people to understand the animating principles that brought about American greatness.”

    “What is not to love about that?! If only we could amplify this mission to even more young people to understand and be grounded in these principles, and today, that is a part of the message I'll be giving."

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    • Man oh man, I have the same problem most of the time. I uallusy just decide to not have them all together but you need to carry that mindset before you set foot in the restaurant! Good to see you back! Keep up the great work!-Jacob
      Posted by Mahesh on 08/05/2012
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