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  • The Strange Things Liberals Say: Weiner Edition

    6/24/2011 3:03:24 PM Posted by Ron Meyer

     /uploadedImages/Blogs/npr_logo1.pngLiberals say the darnedest things, especially on public radio.

    Last Friday on NPR’s KCRM 89.9 FM, Young America’s Foundation Vice President Kate Obenshain joined four liberal panelists and a typical left-of-center NPR host to debate the merits of former-Congressman Anthony Weiner’s resignation.

    Despite the numeric odds, Kate won the day by inspiring some outrageous and funny (if they weren’t actually real) quotes from her fellow panelists.

    Here are my highlights and commentary:

    John Portman – Professor, University of Virginia

    Apparently, using technology to send pictures of inappropriate human anatomy is absolutely natural:

    “I don’t see him as exhibiting deviancy or frightening sexual proclivities. I wonder what could possibly be more natural than a man finding an attractive woman sexually desirable. I don’t think there’s anything bizarre about it. I think it’s nature.”

    It gets better from Professor Portman:

    “Well, the idea that he had a relationship with these women really confuses me. I mean, I’m on the phone with you now and a few other people, does that mean we have a relationship?”

    Does the professor think his phone interview with NPR is sexual? I guess a professional conversation and sexting are morally equivalent. Who thought going on NPR could be so dirty? But, he is a professor, so I guess it’s all relative.

    In fact, he thinks we should use the French as role models:

    “When will Americans say 'we’re sick and tired of being laughed at by the rest of the world over these sex scandals?'... Why do we keep expecting our elected leaders to be above this? Why can’t we take a different position, perhaps a more French position, and say, “look, elected officials, like everyone else, are allowed their privacy?”

    Robert Thompson, Syracuse University

    A different distinguished professor thinks we shouldn’t expect excellence from our leaders:

    “I don’t know if there would be anybody left to elect anymore. Some of our greatest politicians were some pretty nasty people in their personal lives and did a lot of things that we wouldn’t look up to. I’m not sure I want to take from the pool of people to represent and run this country only people who have got the credentials of choir boys.”

    Joe Conason, Investigative Fund

    Instead of demanding better leadership from former-Congressman Weiner, Mr. Conason accuses Kate of hypocrisy:

    “I will guarantee you that Kate Obenshain or any other woman who was a leader in the (GOP) didn’t say anything about whether David Vitter should resign. Ever!”

    But he missed one detail:

    Kate Obenshain: Yes, I did. I went on national television and I said he should resign.”

    Mr. Investigative Fund didn’t do much investigating on that one. Later in the interview, Mr. Conason apologizes. Oh wait. Nope—he actually just goes right on ahead and suggests Kate lied:

    "Whatever Ms. Obenshain did, I hope she did speak out against David Vitter as she just told us.”

    As shocking as all these statements are, what makes it worse is that taxpayer funds continue to go to NPR and public universities that continue to foster moral relativism. 

     Check out the full podcast of the panel by clicking here: NPR Podcast 



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